What will 2015 be for you?

Wow, 3 whole months of the year have flown by, bringing us to April 2015 and I have failed to follow suit, talking about a new year and a new you! If you want a new you, there’s no time like the present. What are you waiting for? Get to it!

Because there is no time like the present, I want to renew that energized feeling a new year brings us. The feeling of new beginnings, the push and confidence to make the changes we talk so much about but always seem to push to ‘next year’.

You had dreams and plans at the beginning of 2015. Maybe you planned to lose 10lbs, maybe you planned to stop eating your favourite dessert, or maybe you planned to start your own business, whatever it was, have you or did you put that plan into motion? Have you or did you succeed? Or has the daily routine of life taken over, pushing that goal to ‘next year’ once again?

Don’t feel bad if things haven’t gone the way you planned. Why not change the thought process of the unrealistic goals we all set for ourselves. Answer one simple question…

“What do you want your 2015 to be?”

Take a moment, look around. Think about where you are now and where you want to be; health wise, business wise, emotionally, whatever it may be.

Now, using ONE word, complete this sentence outloud:

(Your word only has to make sense and mean something to you)

I want my 2015 to be…….

Now keep this word in mind. When you are completing your daily tasks and moving robitically as we all do at times, take another moment and say the sentence outloud again. Repeat it as often as necesary. Don’t let yourself forget what you want your 2015 to be. It’s never too late to choose and set goals and if they don’t work the first time, reassess, reset and GO!

I want my 2015 to be modified.

Lady Champagne xo


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