To reveal or not to reveal…that is the question!

For some reason I decided not to reveal myself when I started this blog.  Perhaps it was a privacy thing or perhaps I was just to lazy to upload a photo and write a bio.  Either way I have been ‘anonymous’ and it has worked out just fine, but as I sit here now with blog post ideas swirling in my head, I am feeling that in order to tell them and share pictures, I would have to reveal myself to the whole world. I suppose its not that big of a deal considering most of my readers and supporters are people I already know (Thanks mom!).

This does lead me to a question, or maybe its more of a concern, but I wonder if I should take the time to go through my previous posts and place a copyright on all of my photos? I read a blog awhile back that said there are certain steps you should take to protect your content as well as abide by some rules for borrowing content. From placing a copyright on any personal photos you upload to providing a link to any borrowed photos, charts, etc.

Fellow bloggers: what are your thoughts or practices on this topic? I would love any feedback!

P.s. it feels good to be back and to at least be considering my next posts. I appreciate your support and love hearing from you!

Lady Champagne xo


8 thoughts on “To reveal or not to reveal…that is the question!

  1. Definitely provide a link back to the original source. You should check the copyright laws of your country. For Canadians, copyright is granted upon creation of the work.

    • Thank you for your feedback! I am in Canada so that’s very helpful. Do you place a copyright on your pictures? This blog I read said if you do not it’s very difficult to have them removed from any other site.

    • I thought is was ‘fun’ to be anonymous but at the same time as struggling a little now between both revealing and not. I have many posts I could do but it would involve personal pictures…although as I write this…maybe it doesn’t need to? 🙂 I think it depends on what types of pictures. My room makeover pictures I am not concerned about but personal I may be. The blog I read had pictures of her children and she found them on other sites. That is just a little more disturbing and apparently it is easier to get them removed with a copyright. Thanks for the feedback!

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