On hiatus if you haven’t noticed…


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I have talked about my hectic schedule on more than one occassion and continue to try and tell myself to be organized, stay committed, think about yourself first, etc etc.  Well, unforutnately, that isn’t always possible and my life continues to be organized chaos.  I have come to accept that fact that it’s who I am and things probably won’t change much (no matter how many ways I try to convince myself).

With saying that, I have had NO time to even think about a topic to blog.  Blogging itself is work and at this point I have plenty to keep me busy! Like: major projects at work, taking a trip next week, planning my best friend’s bachelorette party and standing in her wedding one week later.  My schedule and my heart are full.

So for now, farewell… I plan to be back soon and have many stories to tell!

Lady Champagne xo