One trick pony?


I have been blogging for a few months now and have made a variety of posts. I write what I feel like writing, when I find the time. But I always wonder, is this how you are ‘supposed’ to blog? Are there rules for what you should blog about? Is there a quota of posts that you must make?  and more importantly… should you be a one trick pony?

Reading through all of the blogs I follow, I notice that most have a theme or area of expertise.  From DIY’s to Mommy Blogs and if you have read my about page you know why I am asking all of the questions above.  I don’t have a theme to my blog and I don’t write posts daily, although I would love to have the time, energy and creativeness to do so.

The reason for starting this endeavour was to share the cosmetic home renovations Mr. Champagne and I did recently.  I was often asked about what we were doing and how we accomplished so much as ‘amateurs’.  This was the perfect way to answer those questions and share our before and afters I talked so much about.  I enjoyed sharing all of our hard work and there is still more to come (we just have to find the time to finish).  But then what?  I was just getting into blogging and then I ran out of things to share (or at least things I felt like sharing at this time).  I decided to find other topics to talk about.  Topics that interest me and that I am involved in, like fitness and even some of my ‘flaws’.  I found the variety to be more interesting.

So, whether there are rules or not, I am unsure, but I think I will continue my variety show.  It’s what interests me, it’s what works for me and isn’t blogging all about me!? Ok, ok maybe not ALL about me.  But surely if my variety keeps my attention it should keep yours. 😉

Lady Champagne xo


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