Refusal to accept any standard short of perfection.

The other half of my double edged sword, Procrastinating Perfectionist.

Being a perfectionist is not an easy task.  Its not a trait you ask for, its just who you are.  I have accepted this part of me and as I stated in my procrastinating perfectionist post, it actually helps me conquer the procrastinator in me.

I admit that being a perfectionist can be exhausting.  I often ask myself, why do I care so much?  Do people even notice the difference? Why can’t I be like some people and just complete the task to get it over with?  Why do I spend so much time making sure everything I do is as perfect as I can get it?  and the only answer I can ever give myself is, because I care!  I care about the product or outcome that I work for.  I care about how I come across and what my work ethic looks like.  Being a perfectionist, I notice these things about others.  I don’t look for it, I just see it.  So it is important to me that others see me for the effort and quality I put into everything I do.

It seems like an ‘I am better than you’ attitude, but thats truly not what it is about.  Its not about being better than someone else, its just about being the best you.  Some people may see it as a fault, I see it as one of my greatest strengths.  A curse and a blessing that makes me who I am.

Lady Champagne xo


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