Painting “How To” for the average or less than average painter – Step 3 (Final Step!)

Congratulations! You have now made it to the final and for some people, the most intimidating step.  Nonsense! This is the best part… you are that much closer to the final result where all of your hard work pays off!If you are just ‘tuning in’ you may want to check out Step 1 and Step 2 first!

I am going to keep this one short and sweet.  It’s time to put the brush or roller to the wall… it’s that straight forward! Have faith in your products and in yourself that you are more than capable of doing this on your own.

I admit that edging intimidates me the most, but with the products I listed in Step 1 you should not have any issues.  If you feel more comfortable you can always use painter’s tape to protect your ceiling and/or baseboards.  Just remember, paint can still find its way through the tape so it’s best to be careful either way.

TIP: Stir your paint well before pouring it out (even if you just purchased it).

To begin, pour your paint into your tray (don’t forget the tray liner!).  Find an empty sour cream/cottage cheese/margarine container and pour some paint into it, this will be used while you are edging.

Don’t soak your edging brush in paint, just cover enough of the tip to give yourself a smooth line.  Keep the brush a little under the ceiling line or just above the baseboard to allow room for the bristles spreading as you apply pressure.  Keep a smooth and steady hand across and don’t be afraid to go over it again to take away any excess paint left at the start of your line.  After the first few swipes you will gain confidence, I am sure of it!

TIP: Do not edge the entire room at once. Edge one wall and then use the roller to complete that wall, then move onto the next.  This will ensure the paint dries around the same time and to the same colour.

Take your roller and dip one side of it in the paint tray then roll it down the tray to touch the paint again.  Make sure your roller is nice and covered with paint (no white left, but not dripping).  Apply the roller in the middle of the wall and roll slowly and smoothly towards the top to the bottom.  Remember, the faster you roll the more ‘splatter’ you will have.

TIP:  Beginning in the middle of the wall will save you from applying too much paint too close to the ceiling or the baseboard.

Repeat until your room is done!

I am well aware that most people know this basic point of painting. My hope is that some of the tips I have added to this post will help the ‘amateurs’ like me get through painting the walls of a room without painting everything else in sight or having it look like a 3 year old did it.

Good luck!  The end results are well worth the efforts you put in!

Lady Champagne xo


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