Too busy for life?

Too busy for life?

I have already made a small statement about how busy life really is for Mr. Champagne and I and no matter how many times we like to say “next year we won’t be so busy”, it is never a true statement. There is always another birthday party, wedding, baby shower, etc. and when you have a lot of close people in your life these are not things that you can avoid or skip just because you are tired or don’t have time. The people in our lives mean something to us and we are the type of people who are always there… for everyone. Let’s just say its a blessing and a curse!

And with that, as I read “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”, I think, this could be a negative thing. But in all reality, aren’t these plans we are making now what make our life? Give us our experiences and stories to tell our grandchildren? At this point in our crazy busy lives we have accepted that we are just busy people and we would never be satisfied not being busy. What else is there to do but enjoy organized chaos and the people you love?

I think the point and most important part of John Lennon’s message is don’t make being busy an excuse. There should always be time to see those you love, do things that make YOU happy and just simply enjoy life for everything that it is. We continue to learn how to prioritize all of these things in our lives and are coming to realize its not that easy! It is a wonderful thing to be able to do things for others, attend their functions, help them plan, etc., but it is very important that you are happy yourself, that you do things you enjoy and know that sometimes it really is ok to say no.

Mr. Champagne and I are still learning all of these steps but find when we take time for ourselves in the midst of all the craziness, it makes a big difference in how we feel about helping or committing to others.

So just remember, you’re never too busy for life! You have to continue (or start) to do things that make YOU happy before you can be satisfied in helping or committing to others.

Lady Champagne xo


8 thoughts on “Too busy for life?

  1. I love your conclusion! Sometimes I feel guilty saying no to going to certain events, but when I don’t over-schedule myself, I feel much more calm and peaceful. It’s definitely worth it to limit your commitments. Good luck!

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