Painting “How To” for the average or less than average painter – Step 1

Average was a polite way of describing my painting skills before we began our renovation journey.  To be honest, I don’t even know what I was thinking when I brought home over 10 gallons of paint.  Normally in these situations I would assume that Mr. Champagne (who is MUCH handier than I am) would take over and rescue whatever project I thought I could do.  But this time, it was OUR project and I definitely did not expect him to redo our entire house on his own.  It was time to learn!

I have been posting many before and after pictures of our renovations and have received great feedback but also some questions on the “how to” end of it.  So I felt it was time to expose all of my secrets. 🙂

To begin our “renovation journey”, as most of you know, we took our first of many trips to Rona.  We were so lucky to have a very knowledgeable person helping us through the paint aisles.  This made choosing all of our supplies MUCH easier and I am hoping that passing on this knowledge helps make your journey that much easier!

First we talked about paint…

We went in having an idea of colours but figured we would know the right ones when we saw them.  This doesn’t work out in everyone’s favour and can definitely make the situation much more stressful than it needs to be.  Luckily I had a picture of my inspiration board and that helped set a path to where we ended up. (I’ll remind you that we started with the idea of just the spare room and by the end of this Rona trip we had paint for our entire house!).  We strolled around with samples in our hands as we started to talk about paint brands.   Our helper suggested Rona Eco Paint.


$18.99 per gallon

I have to say, I LOVED the idea of choosing the above paint.  It’s made of recycled latex paint and comes pre-coloured!  You can literally pick it up off the shelf (pay for it) and walk out!  With a price tag of only $18.99 a gallon (cheapest one there) and doing something nice for the environment, I was all for it.  Unfortunately, although there were some really beautiful colours, they were not the ones we were looking for.  We had to move onto the next best thing, at least price wise and went with SICO paint.

*TIP:  When painting rooms like a kitchen or especially a bathroom, go the extra mile and purchase proper Kitchen and/or bathroom paint.

Because we were painting such large areas all the same colours (3 bedrooms or our entire main floor) we cut our cost by purchasing the gallons in 5 gallon tubs, otherwise known as painter’s buckets.  They do take a little muscle to carry and pour but are well worth the savings.


Example of 5 gallon bucket

Next we chose a deep paint tray to allow us as much room as possible to pour paint into.  We also purchased liners for the paint tray for a few reasons; we had 4 different paint colours and this makes for easier transition between them, easier clean up and gives the paint tray a longer life span (for your next project ;)).


$5.39 for the tray


$1.89 per liner

We were advised that we did not have to spend a fortune on a “good roller”, you just have to make sure it is lint free and labelled for the type of paint you are painting with.  We went for a middle of the road (and store brand) roller.  The handle also does not have to be anything spectacular, just don’t buy it at the dollar store if you have a big job ahead.


$8.99 for a 3 pack (We got them for $6.99 because they were in the wrong spot!)


$3.99 roller (will last forever)

6-28-2013 3-50-49 PM

*TIP: Stay away from the packaged deal! Yes, they are cheaper but remember, they are cheaper in every sense of the word. You are better off spending a few extra dollars and getting the quality that you pay for, it will pay off in the results.

The part people dread the most… Edging!

We were prepared to buy boxes of painter’s tape to protect our unsuspecting base boards, but to our surprise this was not on the list of “this is what you need”.  Apparently all that you require is the right tool and that is the angular brush.  Although I mostly stayed away from edging, Mr. Champagne definitely found this brush to be the most handy he has ever used and the final product was proof of that.  We purchased two against the suggestion of our Rona helper and well, she ended up being right.  One brush was more than enough for the ENTIRE house and still has life in it.

*TIP: To store the brush for future use wrap it in plastic wrap or a plastic bag and put it in the fridge.  If you will be using it for a different colour next time, rinse it well while the paint is still wet on the brush and place it on a clean paper towel to absorb the water.


$9.99 and well worth it!

*TIP: Don’t over purchase! The store is only down the street if you happen to run out of something.

And finally, like all houses, we had some small wall repairs to handle before we could get started.  We wanted something quick and easy to get the job done.


$3.11 and will last a lifetime!


$3.99 and have many different uses!

The putty is great for beginners because it goes on pink and when it turns white you know it is dry and ok to be sanded.  The plastic putty knives are all you’ll ever need and even came in handy for us when we did our kitchen back splash. (Another “how to” to come!).  Grab yourself a piece of sandpaper while you are there also (worth a few cents).

After spending well within our budget, we were on our way home, tools and confidence in hand!

Stay tuned for Painting “How To” for the average or less than average painter – Step 2!

Lady Champagne xo


6 thoughts on “Painting “How To” for the average or less than average painter – Step 1

  1. Nice post. We’re guilty of over purchasing at the first step. We’re also very much learning by our mistakes! Will look forward to step 2…..hopefully before we need to do any more painting ourselves! Jude

    • Thanks for following! Everything is a learning curve and we definitely learn from our mistakes. It also just takes practice, knowledge and courage! I hope to move onto Step 2 very quickly and I hope it helps you on your journey! Good luck 🙂

  2. Don’t tell anyone since I don’t have time right now, but I love painting. Even painted houses one summer. I find it relaxing.

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