More small things…

I have been enjoying the change in my writing but still have more accomplishments to show off so, I’m taking it back to the reno world today!

As mentioned in a previous post, its amazing how big of a difference the smallest change can make.  This before and after post is also proof of that.

Although, I noticed when we first moved in that our outdoor light looked a little mundane, it worked, so I thought, who cares?  Well after revamping the house, I started to care.  On one of our many trips to Rona, we decided that we would buy a new outdoor light to freshen up the outside a little.  I’ve never purchased anything like it before and really didn’t know the difference between one light or the other.  But once again, I just knew I was on a budget and as long as it was functional, looked the part and the price was right, I was buying it.

While Mr. Champagne and I stood in the light section, overwhelmed by the number of choices, we directed ourselves towards the lowest priced options.  The first one we opened was plastic… really?  A plastic outdoor light?  Ok, I’m not THAT cheap.  Moving on, we found one that was a little more sturdy, not made of plastic and was definitely the right price (around $20.00).

I am thankful for Mr. Champagne (in many ways) but at this point it was for his handyman skills.  Imagining myself trying to change the outdoor light was laughable, although I believe in my skills much more than before this reno, lets just say there was a good possibility I would short circuit my house and have a new hairdo to go along with it.

light before

Outdoor light before

light after

Outdoor light after

 Once again I was very pleased with the result of such a simple change.  You’ll notice the light also sits down rather than up like our previous one.  It made a world of difference and our front entrance looks much more clean-cut and modern.

Stay tuned for more changes!

Lady Champagne xo


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