Bit by the health bug…

I know I have said on more than one occasion that this blog was not started to become a “personal” outlet, but I am finding that no matter what I decide to write about, it is personal in some sense.  Although, it still won’t be a deep disclosure of my entire life, as long as my topics are miscellaneous as promised and continue to grasp my readers I will post them.  So with saying that, I am extremely reluctant to put this topic on paper but figure it may help me stay committed.

Throughout my childhood I was always very athletic.  I was on every team in school; basketball, volleyball, badminton, floor hockey, etc.  I even played football at recess with all the boys.  Outside of school I was either running, riding my bike, skipping or roller blading and although I may not have been #1 at all of them, it came naturally to me and I was never afraid to do any of it.

Once highschool hit my priorities changed.  I got a boyfriend, a part-time job, the school work was much more intense, I had more responsibilities at home and of course I got my license.  I used all of these things as an excuse not to be athletic anymore.  It was like I grew a fear or maybe just became lazy and uninterested.  Whatever it was, it set me back.

As I grew into adulthood nothing changed besides getting more busy, having more responsibilities and having more excuses to be lazy. I believe at this point it was also the thought that I just didn’t have it in me to be an “exerciser”. To be one you had to know what you were doing, be coordinated and look the part. It wasn’t me. I had better things to do like stress about paying bills, get to work on time everyday and catch my favourite shows. Sounds ridiculous right? But its the truth.  How many of you reading this now are realizing you do the same thing? Don’t worry, its natural.  But if I can encourage anyone to become even the slightest bit more conscious about their health that makes me happy.

I am “lucky” enough to have a naturally thin build and although I ate what I wanted and did no activities, I essentially stayed the same size. (Thank you metabolism!).  But just because I was thin doesn’t mean that I was healthy underneath it all and this is a huge misconception to the human eye.  If you are not taking care of your body and putting the “right” things in it, but are thin, how does that make you healthy?  Even when I was younger and active I wasn’t the best at eating on a proper schedule or making the healthiest choices (Sorry mom and dad).  Even in recent years I struggled with this.  My kryptonite? Poutine!  Crispy fries smothered in gravy and melted cheese curds… who wouldn’t become addicted to that?!

Alas, I realized I wasn’t going to have the same “luck” throughout my entire life and I needed to change some habits.  Aside from eating a little healthier before my wedding in 2010, it has only been less than a year that I have really started to think about becoming more health conscious and trying a lot harder in the way of becoming “athletic” again. I have been lucky enough throughout the years to have some very strong influences on my life, including in the fitness world. I am just sad I never took advantage of some of it sooner, when I had the chance.

I am taking from all of the knowledge now and continually improving myself in every way I can.  I am ridding myself of that fear or uninterest that set me back all those years ago.  The surprise of it all?  Its working!

Stay tuned for more detail on how I got to this point, how I continue to improve and future tips, recipes, exercises, etc.

Lady Champagne xo


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