A real “blog” post…

Lady Champagne blog, the miscellaneous things in life…

That was my plan, no theme, no direction, no rules. 

Lately it seems as though I do have a theme and a direction and although I want to share my renovation journey, I feel like its time to mix it up a little.  This is new ground for me and maybe a true test of my blogging abilities.  It is easy to continuing posting about a theme because it has multiple parts to write about.  How do I go about just…blogging?  How do I keep readers intrigued if its miscellaneous and they are no longer following a story?  I guess that is for me to figure out and for you to tell me how I am doing.

So, with that said, I will attempt to post miscellaneously and challenge myself.  It may include some continuation of the renovation journey to keep it interesting and to show off the final product, but I’ll make a commitment to spicing it up a little.  I welcome your suggestions, questions and/or comments and look forward to this new journey.

Wow, can I consider this my first miscellaneous post?  I think I will…

Lady Champagne xo



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