All the small things…

Throughout the process of this cosmetic renovation we have learned a lot.  Lucky for us most of the learning experiences came easy and not from gigantic mistakes made.  We started with the biggest project of all; painting the entire house.  After conquering such a large task and seeing the result of the changes made, the small things started to stand out.  Good and bad!

We knew during our discussions of the reno that some things may or may not work after we made changes to the colour scheme, but decided it was best to wait and see (save a buck wherever you can!). We did notice things like the tile in the bathrooms actually looked better and the kitchen counter was livable like we were hoping.  But then we started to notice things like the handles on the cupboards didn’t really match our new colour scheme, in fact no handles in the household matched our new colour scheme.  Wow!  It’s amazing how the smallest detail can make or break the look of a room, or in our case an entire house.

So it was decided for us and off we went for our 92nd visit to Rona! (queue my huffing and puffing, the novelty of this store was long worn off!).  We were lucky enough to find handles for the kitchen and the entire house that came in packages which meant a cheaper price. Bonus! I was so excited to make these small changes but my brain had different plans. By the time we made it home my excitement was overthrown by one of the worst migraines I have ever experienced! I said goodbye to my plans for the evening, popped 2 extra strength migraine relief advil (not recommended as per package instructions) and attempted to rid myself of the pain.

After suffering for hours I awoke and staggered my way down stairs, once again, Mr. Champagne to the rescue. He had replaced every handle on the cupboards in the kitchen and bathrooms and every door handle in the house! This was definitely a treat and I was so pleased with the difference it made. It felt complete.

I do not have my own before and after pictures but to give you an idea of the before and after I pulled some images from good old google.


Standard builder’s grade gold handle


Brushed nickel look to match our “grey” colour scheme


Not exactly what we had but gives an idea of how “off” the warm colour looked.


Again, the brushed nickel look for the kitchen and bathroom cupboards.

Stay tuned for more small things…

Lady Champagne xo


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