THE project…

After confessing that we have yet to finish our big project, I feel better after receiving some feedback from my readers.   I realize we are not the only ones who have or are struggling with this portion of a reno.  (Queue big sigh of relief… fewf!)

Every wall be not be filled with a picture or a piece of art but we have accomplished SO much and are extremely proud of our hard work.  We still have a goal in mind and really aren’t far from the finish line.  We will perfect it 🙂

So, with saying that, I feel I should continue revealing our progress.  You never know, maybe you readers out there will have a say in what ends up on our walls!

I thought my DIY project on our spare bedroom furniture was the reveal I was most excited for but as I sit here, about to post the spare bedroom reveal, I am even more excited.  This was the room that started it all.

I’ll remind you that I really wanted a space for our guests to retreat to and have them feel comfortable and welcome in our home.  (Well, not that they didn’t feel welcome but you know what I mean.)  

You know you have completed your goal when you want to keep the room for yourself!

(Click on any picture to enlarge)


This room served as our office originally

office before

After selling the office furniture and cleaning out the room, we used the space for our furniture DIY project.

Dun dun dun daaaa…. voila! (my attempt at typing singing, just as horrible as my actual singing)


Our new spare room! (Obviously Miss Kitty believes this room is occupied)

So, definitely not the final product but a major improvement!  Our guests have done a test run of the room and so far we have their full approval.  I cannot wait to completely finish this room!  (I still want it as my own).

Stay tuned for more updates and specifics on details to our reno!

Lady Champagne xo


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