It all started right here…

Finally!  The time has come to write about the accomplishment I am most proud of, the project that started this whole crazy journey.

If you’ll remember, I was on a budget and had discovered a way to complete the spare room without having to go out and purchase all new stuff that would cost us an arm and a leg. I had decided to revamp the spare room furniture!  During the time we took to complete the first level of the house, I was also working on this side project upstairs in what would soon be, the new spare room.   The DIY person inside of me had been stirred but I had no proof that I was actually capable of any such thing.  I figured the worse thing that could happen is we ended up with no spare room furniture.  So no pressure right?  Regardless, the decision had been made and the supplies purchased.

What we had to work with…

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Tall boy, 6 drawer dresser (with some damage from all the moves!)


Two – 2 drawer night stands (also with some damage)

Looking back on the condition of the furniture, although not absolutely terrible, it doesn’t seem as scary now as it did at the beginning if I would have messed it up.  It definitely needed help!  So, I got ambitious after work one evening and emptied the night stands and the dresser (and left the massive pile of “I don’t know where to put this stuff” on the spare bed).  I then used all of my muscle mass to carry (ok DRAG) the night stands and the dresser into the now empty office.  I located a screwdriver and removed all of the handles and then the drawers.

I then stood in the middle of this…


Where do I start!?

Mr. Champagne once again surprised me that Saturday afternoon by sanding the furniture down and getting the layer of primer on. Wow… there was no going back at that point but it seemed like it may actually work out!

After sanding and priming…

primer 2




If you have ever attempted to redo/repaint furniture before you can appreciate how much labour goes into even the smallest of projects.  (For those of you who haven’t I will be posting a detailed “How To” in the near future).  This was not going to be an easy finish but I became very excited to see the result of all of our hard work.

first coat

After the first coat of paint

first coat 2

After the first coat of paint

The first coat went well and gave me a little more confidence that I could make this DIY project a success.  I took my time and was very maticulous with both coats as I wanted to make it as perfect as possible (surprise surprise).  After completing the second coat of paint I allowed it to dry and settle for about a week to ensure it would adhere.  I wasn’t too anxious during the waiting period because I had much more work to do around the house anyway.

Sometime inbetween everything, we took what felt to be our 84th trip to Rona to pick out some new hardware for the furniture.  We chose a type that was very reasonably priced and came in packages of 10, bonus!  Mr. Champagne helped me again and put the final touches on the furniture.  We were both overjoyed with the result!

final 2

Final Product!

final 3

Final Product!


Final Product

All of that hardwork really paid off!  The furniture looks completely different and brand new.  Not to mention a lot more modern and suited to our new house style.

This journey is quickly coming to an end but, even as I write I find it more amazing that we have accomplished so much on our own.  The pride of ownership continues to grow!

Stay Tuned!

Lady Champagne xo


2 thoughts on “It all started right here…

  1. Wow, I’m so impressed! I’ve always wanted to do something like this with our old furniture (you should see our bedroom set…hand-me-down from my in laws and is about as old as I am). Huge project but it paid off! Good for you.

    • Thank you! I can say it was definitely worth the work. The price was definitely right. It’s amazing how a coat of paint and some hardware can totally change the look. Perhaps a future project for you 😉

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