Right down to the closet ceiling…

When we said the entire house, we meant the ENTIRE house.  For reasons unknown to us, the previous owner had the brilliant idea to paint the closets.  Fine right?  Ya I suppose, minus the fact that they felt the need to paint even the closet ceiling.  This meant, we were painting everything, right down to the closet ceiling! (Ow my neck).

My wonderful husband did all of the hard work on the edging and I followed him around with the roller.  We made our way into the closet, the front foyer, up the stairwell and into the upstairs hallway.  It was a long road but we did it and all in one day!

Entry to the closet…


Closet’s skinny hallway…

closet 2

Closet’s lovely painted ceiling…

closet 3

Front foyer all prepped for painting.  (I didn’t hate this colour as much as the BEIGE but with the new scheme it just didn’t work anymore.  Besides… I said we were painting the WHOLE house)


Staircase leading to the upstairs hallway…


We were in tight quarters, tall quarters and some very small quarters but we managed to keep our sanity and patience in tact and it was well worth it!

After pics coming soon!

Lady Champagne xo


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