Because our house is an open concept we had made the decision, even before purchasing our paint, to carry the same colour from the living room into the dining area and kitchen, right through to the front closet, the foyer, the staircase and the upstairs hallway.  It sounds like a lot of the same colour, and it is, but the way our walls are all different colours just wasn’t possible. So, we knew before hand we would have to break it up some how.  What better way than a focus wall?

We decided on “Grey Drizzle” for the majority of the space and “Midnight” (something… can’t remember for the life of me right now!… I’ll get the right name) for the focal wall. This was definitely the easiest part of the reno. Small, but the result was very rewarding!

Here are the colours we chose (not the actual but very similar)…

Note: You can click on any picture to enlarge πŸ™‚

Grey Drizzle grey

The focal wall prepped for painting…


The end result with a little sneak peek of the almost finished project…

focus 2

I’ll mention again that my pictures are not the greatest as it wasn’t originally planned that I would be dedicating a blog to the renovations we have done.  But The final product pictures are coming soon πŸ™‚

Stayed Tuned!

Lady Champagne xo



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