Confession! It wasn’t just a coat of paint…

As if painting our entire house wasn’t ambitious enough, discussions of how to handle our kitchen started to arise.  Our biggest issue was the “ugly” builder’s grade, blue/grey countertop and that BEIGE paint again.  The easy road was to slap the new paint colour on and move along.  Right… because that’s the road we would choose.

Keeping in mind that this project all started with a DIY mentality and a small budget from selling our office furniture, we had to discipline ourselves and stick to the budget.  We know this is not our forever home, so we came to terms with the fact that the “ugly” countertop had to stay.  Afterall, isn’t DIY all about working with what you have?

With the new paint colour brought into the dining area, we could see that it would definitely give new life to our dreaded countertop.  Things were working out in our favour so far, but… we still felt like our kitchen needed help.   So we decided a back splash was the answer.  A DIY back splash? Hmmm.  We began looking into options and once again tried figuring out how we were going to pull THIS one off.

During our search, we found “Smart Tiles”.  They are like the cheap stick on floor tiles but are “3D” for the back splash and can be easily cut with an exacto knife and ruler.  After looking at this website;, we got excited that it really could be this easy!  The tiles range in price but, we were looking at about $10.00 each which brought the cost up to the same cost (if not more) than an actual back splash.  This was supposed to be an easier, cheaper alternative… WTF!? (excuse my potty mouth!).  We decided to take a trip to Home Depot anyway to have a look and discovered it was definitely the CHEAP (looking) method.  The “3D” aspect was like touching bubble wrap, but not as much fun!

We spoke to a guy working in the area and asked about the tiles.  He looked at us and said “if this is the route you’re going to take you might as well stop off at the dollar store and pick up some tiles there” (Embarrassing).  He asked why we weren’t doing a “real” back splash and we admitted it was because we had no clue what we were doing.  Let’s just say within 30 minutes we were walking out the door with everything we needed to install a new back splash on our own, including the tiles!  We were full of new energy and excitement, we could do this! And within a few days we had!

Before the back splash…



After installing, grouting, caulking and scruuuubing the back splash…


2013-04-02 21.27.45

The difference in the kitchen was felt immediately and we were so proud of our little master piece after all of our hardwork!  The pride of ownership was really starting to return and it fueled our fire to get this project completed.

You may notice in the after pictures that the kitchen was not 100% complete when this photo was taken.  You didn’t really think we would stop there did you?

Stay Tuned!

Lady Champagne xo


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