It all started with one room…

After reading the ‘Beautiful Insanity’ blog as mentioned in my last post, the DIY person inside of me started to stir. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I wanted my house to look and made the decision to just go for it. What’s the worst that could happen? I choose the wrong paint colour and have to start again? I was willing to take that chance. Now let’s get one thing straight… by no means do I consider myself artistic or handy in anyway and having to redo it all could have easily been the case, but it comes down to taking that ‘Leap of Faith’, so I did.

I approached my husband with my first thought; I wanted to redo our guest bedroom. We tend to have guests quite often as we live over an hour away from all of our family and friends. It is important to me that they feel welcomed and comfortable in my house. I wanted it to be warm, cozy and inviting because in my opinion, there is nothing worse than sleeping in a strange bed. We all love the feeling of staying in a comfortable and clean hotel and I wanted that feeling for my guests. Luckily, my wonderful husband encouraged the idea! 😀

So, the planning began. I knew I wanted a fairly drastic change because everything has always been beige and I couldn’t stand the thought of looking at yet another shade of BEIGE. With that, the decision to take the room to the complete opposite end of the colour chart came easy. I started saving images I found on the internet and used an inspiration board to help me gather my thoughts.

It all started with one room...

Seeing my ideas come together side by side, I really started to feel like I was on the right track. Then came the reality check. How much would this one room cost? I hadn’t thought through the process much, aside from being excited about the final product. This is where I had to realize my guest bedroom was not actually a 5 star hotel room and it was going to have to be done on a budget, a SMALL budget.

I looked around the room in an attempt to salvage what we currently had and give it new life. This is what I found:
1. 2 night stands
2. 1 tall boy 6 drawer dresser
3. 1 Queen size bed (only a couple of years old)
4. 1 ugly metal bedframe
5. BEIGE scuffed walls

This wasn’t going to be easy…

I peaked into our ‘office’ in hopes of finding new inspiration. This is what I found:
1. 1 desktop computer (on its last legs)
2. 1 beautiful L-Shaped Desk
3. 1 matching hutch
4. 1 great computer chair
5. 1 floor mat

Things were looking up! I came to the realization that we weren’t really using this room anymore. Well maybe except for some storage, but it essentially sat empty. Light bulb! I’ll sell all of this nice stuff and use the money as my budget for the new spare room! The sale was successful!

Now I was left with a less than satisfactory guest bedroom and an empty office with the budget in hand. Here goes nothing!

Stay Tuned!

Lady Champagne xo


4 thoughts on “It all started with one room…

  1. DIY projects are my favorite, I’m not very good with furniture but your idea is a good one, focus on the guests and then attack each room with 1 big goal in mind, nothing screams professional when the whole house is designed altogether (not at the same time)

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