After the leap of faith…

Now that I have taken the “leap of faith” into the blogging world, the sense of anxiety and fear of the unknown has subsided.  I actually feel a little excited to share my insight, knowledge and all the other miscellaneous things in life.

The problem I face now is where do I start?  There are so many things I could write about and me, admittingly being a little on the OCD side, tends to feel the need to write “in order”.  Well, maybe this is a chance to shake it up a little!  Why not start with the present and a story about another leap of faith?

Although I don’t plan on my blog becoming an extremely personal outlet, I think it is next to impossible not to share some portion of myself and my life.  With that said, a little history goes a long way…

My husband and I have been together for over a decade, 12 years and 2 months to be exact!  We are high school sweethearts, so naturally, we went through many life events together from moving out for the first time to purchasing our first home.

After renting for over 6 years and moving about 7 times, the topic of owning our own home starting to come up more often than not and we decided to start looking into it.  Once again, me being me I had to research and ask every question under the sun until I fully understood what we were getting ourselves into.  After hundreds of emails and phone calls, we couldn’t help but start searching for a house.  We quickly came to the conclusion that it was not going to be an easy task.  Who can afford hundreds of thousands of dollars when you only make tens of thousands of dollars?  Maybe it wasn’t the right time, maybe we needed to make more money, maybe we will never have our own home! Our search turned into, “just looking”.

Continuing to “just look”, we came across a place that we couldn’t help but go see.  After, stepping in the front door we both had a feeling we weren’t “just looking” anymore and our sites were set on this place.  We began the process and crossed every finger and toe that everything would go smoothly.  To our surprise, it did!  We got the house!

We have now been in our house for over a year and decided it was finally time to make it our home.  And so… the project began…

Keep following for the before and afters of house to home!

I do have to send a thank you to Marissa of the “Beautiful Insanity” blog for stirring the DIY person inside of me 😉  Follow her @

Lady Champagne xo


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