THE project…

After confessing that we have yet to finish our big project, I feel better after receiving some feedback from my readers.   I realize we are not the only ones who have or are struggling with this portion of a reno.  (Queue big sigh of relief… fewf!)

Every wall be not be filled with a picture or a piece of art but we have accomplished SO much and are extremely proud of our hard work.  We still have a goal in mind and really aren’t far from the finish line.  We will perfect it 🙂

So, with saying that, I feel I should continue revealing our progress.  You never know, maybe you readers out there will have a say in what ends up on our walls!

I thought my DIY project on our spare bedroom furniture was the reveal I was most excited for but as I sit here, about to post the spare bedroom reveal, I am even more excited.  This was the room that started it all.

I’ll remind you that I really wanted a space for our guests to retreat to and have them feel comfortable and welcome in our home.  (Well, not that they didn’t feel welcome but you know what I mean.)  

You know you have completed your goal when you want to keep the room for yourself!

(Click on any picture to enlarge)


This room served as our office originally

office before

After selling the office furniture and cleaning out the room, we used the space for our furniture DIY project.

Dun dun dun daaaa…. voila! (my attempt at typing singing, just as horrible as my actual singing)


Our new spare room! (Obviously Miss Kitty believes this room is occupied)

So, definitely not the final product but a major improvement!  Our guests have done a test run of the room and so far we have their full approval.  I cannot wait to completely finish this room!  (I still want it as my own).

Stay tuned for more updates and specifics on details to our reno!

Lady Champagne xo



Confession! We pumped through the entire house and accomplished SO much in a very short amount of time.  Unfortunately, we have yet to totally complete our desired look.  Going through the process and looking back on it now, the whole cosmetic revamp was actually the easy part!  We knew what look we were going for, chose our colours and a few extra things and although it was hard labour, there wasn’t a ton of hard decisions to make.

That time has now come… What do we do?

Do we blow our budget and buy new furniture to suit the new look better?
What type of art do we want for the house? Do we want framed art or abstract “metal” art?
What would look good on that wall?
Does everything we choose to put on the walls have to match?
Do we have to stick with a theme?
Where is it appropriate to place personal photos?

The list of questions goes go on and on but writing all of them down is starting to give me a panic attack so I’ll stop.  This project was not meant to be stressful and I intend to keep it that way!  Who cares if the walls are bare? We are the ones who live there and if it doesn’t bother us then it shouldn’t bother others right?  Still, it wouldn’t make sense to change the look of our entire house but not actually complete it.  That was the whole problem in the first place!  We have never finished a place to our style or made it our HOME.  Epiphany… we are reverting back!

I’ll stop my frantic rant there and give us SOME credit.  We have purchased a couple of pieces for the walls that we are actually very happy with but this portion of the reno is definitely the most difficult to make a firm decision on and I have to accept the fact that it will take time to perfect it in my way.  I also have to accept the fact that everything doesn’t happen instantly and I so love to believe.

I guess in the end, we are on the right track and will continue to make our way to the finish line.  There are still a few more things to share with you and I look forward to continuing this journey.

Stay Tuned!

Lady Champagne xo


It all started right here…

Finally!  The time has come to write about the accomplishment I am most proud of, the project that started this whole crazy journey.

If you’ll remember, I was on a budget and had discovered a way to complete the spare room without having to go out and purchase all new stuff that would cost us an arm and a leg. I had decided to revamp the spare room furniture!  During the time we took to complete the first level of the house, I was also working on this side project upstairs in what would soon be, the new spare room.   The DIY person inside of me had been stirred but I had no proof that I was actually capable of any such thing.  I figured the worse thing that could happen is we ended up with no spare room furniture.  So no pressure right?  Regardless, the decision had been made and the supplies purchased.

What we had to work with…

*Note: Click on any picture to enlarge and then click the back arrow on your browser to return to the blog*


Tall boy, 6 drawer dresser (with some damage from all the moves!)


Two – 2 drawer night stands (also with some damage)

Looking back on the condition of the furniture, although not absolutely terrible, it doesn’t seem as scary now as it did at the beginning if I would have messed it up.  It definitely needed help!  So, I got ambitious after work one evening and emptied the night stands and the dresser (and left the massive pile of “I don’t know where to put this stuff” on the spare bed).  I then used all of my muscle mass to carry (ok DRAG) the night stands and the dresser into the now empty office.  I located a screwdriver and removed all of the handles and then the drawers.

I then stood in the middle of this…


Where do I start!?

Mr. Champagne once again surprised me that Saturday afternoon by sanding the furniture down and getting the layer of primer on. Wow… there was no going back at that point but it seemed like it may actually work out!

After sanding and priming…

primer 2




If you have ever attempted to redo/repaint furniture before you can appreciate how much labour goes into even the smallest of projects.  (For those of you who haven’t I will be posting a detailed “How To” in the near future).  This was not going to be an easy finish but I became very excited to see the result of all of our hard work.

first coat

After the first coat of paint

first coat 2

After the first coat of paint

The first coat went well and gave me a little more confidence that I could make this DIY project a success.  I took my time and was very maticulous with both coats as I wanted to make it as perfect as possible (surprise surprise).  After completing the second coat of paint I allowed it to dry and settle for about a week to ensure it would adhere.  I wasn’t too anxious during the waiting period because I had much more work to do around the house anyway.

Sometime inbetween everything, we took what felt to be our 84th trip to Rona to pick out some new hardware for the furniture.  We chose a type that was very reasonably priced and came in packages of 10, bonus!  Mr. Champagne helped me again and put the final touches on the furniture.  We were both overjoyed with the result!

final 2

Final Product!

final 3

Final Product!


Final Product

All of that hardwork really paid off!  The furniture looks completely different and brand new.  Not to mention a lot more modern and suited to our new house style.

This journey is quickly coming to an end but, even as I write I find it more amazing that we have accomplished so much on our own.  The pride of ownership continues to grow!

Stay Tuned!

Lady Champagne xo

There’s a first time for everything…

As mentioned before, we have moved… a lot!  And in every place we have lived we always made a point of decorating and making it feel like a home.  But, for some reason, no matter where we lived we never seemed to focus on our own room.  The place most people consider their sanctuary sat fairly empty and blank for us.  I think the main reason for this was the fact we knew we wouldn’t be there forever, so what was the point?  These words were never actually spoken but I assume that was our underlying feeling.  We had bedroom furniture and a comfy bed, what more did we need?

Well, there’s a first time for everything!  We OWN our house now and although once again, we know this is not our forever home, it is ours and it was time to make it feel like ours.  When we first moved in we did make an attempt at it by taking a trip to IKEA and buying ourselves new bedroom furniture.  Unfortunately, it didn’t go much further than poor Mr. Champagne spending hours on end fitting the 1,000’s of pieces together.  (Maybe we have always been DIY people.  We just never realized IKEA pieces made us this way!?).

With the decision that the entire house was being redone, it was exciting to know we were finally committed to making everything comfortable and ours, including our own bedroom!

We chose “The Tower of London” as the colour for all 3 bedrooms, which was darker and more grey than the “Grey Drizzle” but they accented each other well.

*Click on any picture to enlarge*


Tower of London, Grey Drizzle, Midnight (something?)


(You mean I have to find a place for all of these clothes just so we can paint a closet??)


One thing is for sure… renovating is a messy, chaotic time!


Getting organized and ready to paint!

Hours of hard labour and a night spent sleeping in the middle of a freshly painted room.  The results were once again, worth all of the hard work!

room after 2

room after

Looks like a little someone loves the new room too 😉

It is absolutely amazing what just a couple of coats of paint can do to a space.  It was fresh, new and ready to be decorated!

Stay Tuned for final after pictures of all rooms completed!

Lady Champagne xo


Because our house is an open concept we had made the decision, even before purchasing our paint, to carry the same colour from the living room into the dining area and kitchen, right through to the front closet, the foyer, the staircase and the upstairs hallway.  It sounds like a lot of the same colour, and it is, but the way our walls are all different colours just wasn’t possible. So, we knew before hand we would have to break it up some how.  What better way than a focus wall?

We decided on “Grey Drizzle” for the majority of the space and “Midnight” (something… can’t remember for the life of me right now!… I’ll get the right name) for the focal wall. This was definitely the easiest part of the reno. Small, but the result was very rewarding!

Here are the colours we chose (not the actual but very similar)…

Note: You can click on any picture to enlarge 🙂

Grey Drizzle grey

The focal wall prepped for painting…


The end result with a little sneak peek of the almost finished project…

focus 2

I’ll mention again that my pictures are not the greatest as it wasn’t originally planned that I would be dedicating a blog to the renovations we have done.  But The final product pictures are coming soon 🙂

Stayed Tuned!

Lady Champagne xo


Right down to the closet ceiling…

When we said the entire house, we meant the ENTIRE house.  For reasons unknown to us, the previous owner had the brilliant idea to paint the closets.  Fine right?  Ya I suppose, minus the fact that they felt the need to paint even the closet ceiling.  This meant, we were painting everything, right down to the closet ceiling! (Ow my neck).

My wonderful husband did all of the hard work on the edging and I followed him around with the roller.  We made our way into the closet, the front foyer, up the stairwell and into the upstairs hallway.  It was a long road but we did it and all in one day!

Entry to the closet…


Closet’s skinny hallway…

closet 2

Closet’s lovely painted ceiling…

closet 3

Front foyer all prepped for painting.  (I didn’t hate this colour as much as the BEIGE but with the new scheme it just didn’t work anymore.  Besides… I said we were painting the WHOLE house)


Staircase leading to the upstairs hallway…


We were in tight quarters, tall quarters and some very small quarters but we managed to keep our sanity and patience in tact and it was well worth it!

After pics coming soon!

Lady Champagne xo

Confession! It wasn’t just a coat of paint…

As if painting our entire house wasn’t ambitious enough, discussions of how to handle our kitchen started to arise.  Our biggest issue was the “ugly” builder’s grade, blue/grey countertop and that BEIGE paint again.  The easy road was to slap the new paint colour on and move along.  Right… because that’s the road we would choose.

Keeping in mind that this project all started with a DIY mentality and a small budget from selling our office furniture, we had to discipline ourselves and stick to the budget.  We know this is not our forever home, so we came to terms with the fact that the “ugly” countertop had to stay.  Afterall, isn’t DIY all about working with what you have?

With the new paint colour brought into the dining area, we could see that it would definitely give new life to our dreaded countertop.  Things were working out in our favour so far, but… we still felt like our kitchen needed help.   So we decided a back splash was the answer.  A DIY back splash? Hmmm.  We began looking into options and once again tried figuring out how we were going to pull THIS one off.

During our search, we found “Smart Tiles”.  They are like the cheap stick on floor tiles but are “3D” for the back splash and can be easily cut with an exacto knife and ruler.  After looking at this website;, we got excited that it really could be this easy!  The tiles range in price but, we were looking at about $10.00 each which brought the cost up to the same cost (if not more) than an actual back splash.  This was supposed to be an easier, cheaper alternative… WTF!? (excuse my potty mouth!).  We decided to take a trip to Home Depot anyway to have a look and discovered it was definitely the CHEAP (looking) method.  The “3D” aspect was like touching bubble wrap, but not as much fun!

We spoke to a guy working in the area and asked about the tiles.  He looked at us and said “if this is the route you’re going to take you might as well stop off at the dollar store and pick up some tiles there” (Embarrassing).  He asked why we weren’t doing a “real” back splash and we admitted it was because we had no clue what we were doing.  Let’s just say within 30 minutes we were walking out the door with everything we needed to install a new back splash on our own, including the tiles!  We were full of new energy and excitement, we could do this! And within a few days we had!

Before the back splash…



After installing, grouting, caulking and scruuuubing the back splash…


2013-04-02 21.27.45

The difference in the kitchen was felt immediately and we were so proud of our little master piece after all of our hardwork!  The pride of ownership was really starting to return and it fueled our fire to get this project completed.

You may notice in the after pictures that the kitchen was not 100% complete when this photo was taken.  You didn’t really think we would stop there did you?

Stay Tuned!

Lady Champagne xo